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1 Million Bit Encryption

1 Million Bit Encryption - CubeiTz

Personal details, private data and financial particulars. We all have them and now, more than ever, we store, share and interact in that thing we know little about and have little control over - The Cloud.

Internet Central have partnered with CubeITz to deliver a solution that incorporates the simplicity and security of the real world, with the real-time speed, flexibility and user interaction of the virtual world.

1 Million Bit encryption ensures your data and communications will never be compromised again through the utilisation of a number of encryption methods creating 3 separate layers of security. Whether storing data, sharing data or communicating data via CubeiTz nobody will ever be able to snoop, steal or listen in again to your private data and communications.

Put simply this is the Worlds securest content sharing system. 


  • Simple to use
  • Protect data on your computer and external storage devices
  • Protect data stored in the cloud
  • Share 1 million bit encrypted files
  • Real-time encrypted messaging
  • Access files anywhere
  • Ensure your private data remains private
  • Supports Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, Box and iCloud drive
  • ChitChat allows encrypted instant messaging in real-time
  • Drag-and-Drop into 1 Million bit encryption


You use hardware and mobile devices to run your digital world, we utilise encryption on your hardware, hard drives and in the cloud to look after it. You gain the absolute best of what the Internet has to offer but without the nagging fear that what you put there isn't secure.

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